A Custom Job for your production & storage needs

Every warehouse comes with a list of required elements to help optimize production and promote safety of products and employees. Common warehouse products include racking and racking accessories, shelving systems, mezzanines, storage lockers, and stairways to name a few. Depending on the complexity of your environment Equipement Industriel RC will develop an optimized a customized solution that will maximize the efficiency of your space while staying within your budget.

Experienced Warehouse Designers

With over 25 years experience working with small to large retail companies within Quebec and North America we are confident that we would be the best solution for your job. Not all industrial storage companies are alike, many claim to have both the products in stock and the experience to foresee future concerns, but the truth is they’re lack of foresight could cost you large amounts of money in the near future.

A Storage System that works for you

Efficiency is the key in a warehouse environment, but it’s not all about day to operations and safety but being prepared to tackle concerns such as expansion options, convertible systems to adapt for changing stock, and sustainable systems that will pass certification. We’ll design, deliver and install a racking and storage system, either new or used, or a mix of the two, that will serve you well into the future.


25 yrs | Proudly Serving Montreal | St. Laurent | West Island | Dorval

& Surround areas.



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