Personal & Product Storage Lockers from Equipement Industriel RC

Leave it to our team to custom design a storage locker solution for your particular project. Each project is unique and deserves a unique solution, with a selection of lockers in stock and the ability to have everything customized your assured the most effective solution possible. We have years experience designing and building custom lockers for our clients and we’ve have great feedback on how much they loved their new setup. Turn a corner into a locked and secured product locker for valuable products. Secure the personal items of your employees with our galvanized steel personal storage lockers, comes in different sizes and shapes.


Customized Locker Solutions

So what exactly does a customized solution include? Design and layout, this is important because if you don’t have the right placement, and or the ability to expand that locker if required you may run into future problems. Quality is important also, if your looking for a secure product locker to hold valuable equipment and supplies you don’t want to go with something that could be easily compromised, your products are like gold to you. When it comes to personal storage lockers our clients usually require some forms of customization, whether it be long storage lockers for coats and jackets,  or mini ones for books, and or phones, wallets.  The uses are extensive and many places require the level of customization we offer.


Secure Storage Lockers are essential

Whats the point of having a storage locker if it’s not secure? We take the time to ensure we use the right quality of steel, and the right locking mechanism to properly secure your products. You can select form a variety of configurations and levels of quality depending on your needs.  We also offer a wide selection of new and used products in stock. Trust the team at Equipement Industriel RC to help secure your items with our customized Storage and Product lockers.


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