Your Discount Racking needs are met

Equipement Industriel RC offers you discount racking solutions for your warehouse storage needs. You can count on us to have the materials you need to properly stock your warehouse with your products. When you rely on others to provide a service that is integral to your business plan, you don’t want to just trust anyone! We have the experience and the professionalism to get the job done correctly, and at a great cost. Discount racking doesn’t mean the racking is defected or unstable, it simply means it is lightly used and or we have acquired it at cost and we are offering it to you at a discounted price.

How much of a discount on these racking units can you expect?

Give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss what kind of deal we can get you lined up with. Will will need to properly review your need to give you a proper quote but we have been in this business a while now and know which questions to ask. Let us take care of all your discount racking needs, next time the situation comes up think Equipement Industriel RC!

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