Econo Used Racking Systems

Pickup a set of Econo used racking from the team at Equipement Industriel RC, we have everything you need and more.Shopping around is tiresome and we know you have many more important things to take care of other than searching for the best deal, we’ve done all the work for you, give us a call today and find out why we’re one of the most trusted in the business. You’ve heard the saying cheap is expensive, well there’s nothing cheap about our used racking systems, every single one is lightly used at best and we guarantee that they will hold for years to come.

Upgrade your racking system today

Maybe your thinking of upgrading your old system to a new one? Upgrade to one of our Econo Used Racking systems and have access to todays great deals at the best prices possible, don’t pay high prices for no reason, if they aren’t quality, we don’t carry them. You might be wondering if we’re giving away all these racking systems at such great prices where the profit in it for us? This is where you profit, we’ve been around for over 20 years, we have a wide variety of long term clients, we’re not looking to make a quick dollar, were looking to offer the best product available at our best prices.

The Racking Specialists server you better

How can we offer racking at these prices? It’s a little thing called stock, and having the knowledge and connections to be able to serve you better.


We Can Handle Your Delivery and Installation

Equipment Industriel RC goes well beyond the sale. Our skilled technicians are pleased to assist you with the delivery and installation of your system. We can even help you with warehouse moving and storage consultations. Get the most out of your space.

New & Used Storage Systems For Any Budget

Upgrade your warehouse with customized storage solutions from Equipment Industriel RC. Since 1992, we have supplied new and used steel shelving, racking, mezzanines and lockers to businesses and homeowners in the Montreal area.


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