The flow rail racks are the ideal solution to manage load units on slow turnover pallets with LIFO logic (Last In First Out).
Structurally it can be considered a drive-in to which “sliding” chains have been added to move the pallets. Thanks to this mechanism, contrary to the drive-in, the storage and retrieval operations can be performed in the access aisles without having the fork-lift truck “enter” the racks.

In the flow rail both storage and retrieval occur on the same side, similar to the push-back pallet gravity system. The difference is in the function because in the gravity system the pallet slides on inclined rollers while in the flow rail it is moved by the chain that transports the pallets.


  • great accumulation of material
  • maximum exploitation of available space
  • optimized storage, according to the LIFO system for products at slow turnover
  • homogenous loads per level but not per bay
  • S/R operation outside the racks