Maximize Potential Space with Mezzanines

Equiepement Industriel RC custom builds mezzanine systems for our customers, the only limitations are the space we have to work with. We commonly surprise our customers with designs that improve their use of space and increase productivity. The key behind an effective mezzanine system isn’t only it’s placement, but it’s flexibility, can it be modified and or moved if circumstances change. Our systems are customized to be compatible with your current racking setup, that means no pricey hidden installation costs.

Mezzanine Regulations / Changes in Canada

As all structures mezzanines must be in compliance with local building code requirements, we’ll make sure that our design conforms to such rules without compromising on quality or efficiency. Equipement Industriel RC also will work hand in hand with you to discover how you can use your new space,  and any limitations there may be for any particular arrangement. Other limitations usually include weight and height, each of which will be thoroughly explained.

“One of the main changes for open mezzanines not considered as a storey is that the mezzanine area is now required to be calculated as a percentage of the open area of the room it is located in. In the 1995 NBC, this area was to be measured as a percentage of the area of the storey it is located in. The area of the open mezzanine cannot be more than 40% of the open area of the room.

As in the 1995 NBC, the space above the mezzanine must be open except for library shelving meeting certain conditions, and partitions or walls less than 1,070 mm in height. A new exception is added in the 2005 NBC to permit partial enclosing of an open mezzanine: an example would be an operator’s booth on the mezzanine.

Also, for added design flexibility, the restriction on the use of space beneath the mezzanine is removed. Whereas the 1995 NBC required the space beneath the mezzanine to have no visual obstruction, this space may now be enclosed.

Lastly, there is a new Appendix note in the 2005 NBC that explains the approach for measuring the mezzanine area. The note includes a clarification that if the area below the mezzanine is enclosed, the enclosed area must be deducted from the area of the overall space before applying the percentage allowance.”

Canadian Code Change Highlights


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