Are you looking for cost effective quality racking solutions for your warehouse? We here at Equipement Industriel RC / Industrial Equipement RC are proud to offer only the most quality solutions for your warehouse racking and storage needs. But we don’t stop at racking, we also offer mezzanines and other storage and layout options to fit your specific needs. We realize that no two projects are the same and we’re proud that we have customer service agents ready to serve you at all times. It’s as simple as making a phone call, then site back and allow us to come review your project, we also deliver racking and install, we’re proud to be a full service company.

Every warehouse will encounter the day when they require a specialist to help stock your warehouse correctly, racking for warehouses is something that is unavoidable and can save you much stress in the long run. We believe that doing something correctly from the beginning will ensure that your operations run smoothly and offer maximum room for growth and profit.


We Can Handle Your Delivery and Installation

Equipment Industriel RC goes well beyond the sale. Our skilled technicians are pleased to assist you with the delivery and installation of your system. We can even help you with warehouse moving and storage consultations. Get the most out of your space.


The friendly team at Equipment Industriel RC takes pride in giving you value for your money and a personalized solution for your storage needs.

Contact us today.

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