Used Racking is a Choice not a Compromise

Our clients who choose to go with our used racking solutions do so because their current project works with the wide variety of stock that we currently hold in our warehouse. These decisions are made consciously and purposefully and are done because they are economically smart, and fit all aspects of their requirements, not simply because they are less expensive. The used racking options is made available but in many ways is not much different from our new options. Every racking system we buy is fully inspected and has passed all levels of our inspections, these processes are put in place to protect your stock and the safety of yourself and your crew.

Quality Racking at a Great Price

With a large selection in stock your basically guaranteed to save when you select Equipement Industrial RC as you industrial equipment provider. Not only do we carry the products you need for you job, we also have a fully staffed team of warehouse specialists that will give you a complete assessment of your project and work with you to optimize your space. We’re used to working with layouts that require our unique array of skills. With our complete removal, delivery, and installation services we make the process an exciting experience, rather than a stressful and financially cumbersome one.

Increase Security & Optimize Space

Everyone is looking to increase the effectiveness of their warehouse storage space, why not increase space for product storage while increasing the stability and security of your products at the same time. We carry a variety of products that are specifically catered to improving the safety of your racking systems, these product your racks from unintentional damage from humans and machine working in the environment.


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