Used Racking Installation

At Equipement Industriel RC we don’t only offer used racking installation services but we also offer a variety of new and used choices, give you a free quote of our services, take out your old system, and deliver and install your new one. When we say quality we mean only quality services and products, some people may hesitate when they hear the word ‘used’, but when we use the word used it means slightly and even then the integrity of the unit is perfect. We believe a solid racking system that will hold up over the years and optimize your space will create a happy client, a happy client will refer us and come back when it’s time for a new system in the future.

Choosing a racking system

Choosing what’s best for you isn’t always easy, that’s why our professional give you the facts so you can make an educated choice. What are you choices of used racking systems? There’s the brands, the usage time, and availability of each specific brand that is a deciding factor. Maybe you need something a little more complex than a basic used racking system? How about a mezzanine, yes we offer those as well, we can fill up and optimize your warehouse so you can get maximum product in there and access everything in the littlest time possible.


How to Choose a racking specialist?

Being in business you’ve come to develop a sense of what’s good business and what’s overpaying and not being honest. Give us a call today and find out why for over 20 years we’ve been trusted in this business. We’ve worked hard for our reputation and you can now benefit from our development over the years into a company that delivery top notch services. and products.


We Can Handle Your Delivery and Installation

Equipment Industriel RC goes well beyond the sale. Our skilled technicians are pleased to assist you with the delivery and installation of your system. We can even help you with warehouse moving and storage consultations. Get the most out of your space.

Find Affordable Shelving and Racking from Equipment Industriel RC. Over 20 years of experience.

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