Warehouse Equipment from Equipement RC

What makes our equipment different from the others? In most cases nothing, ours is just most cost effective to you! Why? We buy slightly used racking, mezzanines and other warehouse equipment from closing companies and offer it you at a discount, it’s as simple at that. We offer only top quality warehouse equipment, non of this old breaking down stuff that wouldn’t be any good to anyone, not to mention dangerous to your products and personnel.

– Mezzanines
– Racking units new/used
– Shelving
– Stairways
– Supports
– Warehouse Products

We have most of everything you could need to stock and optimize your warehouse environment. We take price in what we offer, Give us a shout today and find out what kind of warehouse equipment we might currently have to help your project get on the right foot. We keep on stressing that with over 20 years of experience we know what we’re talking about. It’s like everything these days, either you know about something or you don’t, and it’s that don’t that will end up almost always costing you in the end.

We Deliver Warehouse Equipment and Install it on-site

Delivery and installation services, we offer that! One other responsibility we will gladly take off your back when it comes to this whole process, you decide what you want, we’ll deliver and install your system for you! Sometimes we have customer asking us about specific warehouse equipment for their custom jobs, we will be happy to get creative with you and give you your options, all part of our free quote system. Evaluations are given from qualified individuals that guarantee their expertise and knowledge in such areas. We’ll even go out of our way to find the pieces you may need based on our current pool of resources.

Customer Service and Long Term Arrangements

We have many clients whom we have stocked their warehouse, and due to their preferences we have re-stocked their warehouse with even newer systems a couple years down the line, it’s our customer service and dedication to the job that makes the difference. We believe a happy customer is always a repeat customer, why visit other companies when you have access to the best service and the best products right in front of you.

So what are you waiting for contact us today or you can give us a call at (514) 428-1414

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