Warehouse Equipment Solutions have never been easier

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Whatever your situation may be in the warehouse industry there are certain things that are constants, we believe that those constants shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to acquire. Warehouse equipment typically includes racking, shelving, mezzanines, staircases, and other warehouse equipment necessary to store handle and protect goods. We have been supplying our clients with solutions to their warehouse needs for over 20 years, so you know you can trust us to set you up properly.

How can we offer warehouse equipment at such great prices?

It’s simple, our warehouse equipment is used, lightly used, and almost in perfect condition! Our inspectors will review each item and ensure that it meets the highest standards. Being a business owner you probably are aware of the hazards of any industry, sometimes things are cut short and just don’t work out he way you thought they would, what do you do with your current equipment? you sell them, and we buy them and offer them at discount to other companies.

My warehouse needs new racking, can you help?

Yes, we have a large selection of warehouse racking to help fit your needs, we’ll come in and asses your situation, we’ll take out your past good use systems and replace them with a newer system that will hold you over for years to come. That’s complete service for you, we’ll remove, deliver and install.

How fast can I have my equipment installed?

We move fast because we understand that time is money and you can’t wait. All you have to do is give us a call today and one of our warehouse specialists can give you all the information you need about what we offer and your current situation. Equipement Industriel RC is the name to remember when it comes to your warehouse equipment needs.


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