Equipement Industriel RC Quality Locker Products

Storage lockers & security fencing are essential products to have in a warehouse environment where it’s necessary to secure certain items. Protecting your assets is important, do it right.

  • Storage Lockers
  • Personnel Lockers
  • Security Fencing
  • Product Lockers
  • Gun lockers
  • Bicycle lockers
  • Heavy-duty or high-security lockers
  • Laundry lockers
  • Services lockers
  • School lockers
  • Perforated lockers
  • Backpacker lockers
  • Stepped/2-step lockers
  • Waterproof lockers:


Storage Locker Uses from Equipment Industriel RC

– Condos & Apartments
– Universities & Schools
– Military
– Employee Lockers
– Government Lockers
– Hospitals & Laboratories


Equipement Industriel RC has a wide selection of industrial lockers & fencing to choose from. Personnel lockers, product lockers, we can offer you a variety that fits your unique situation. Give us a call and ask about our current selection.

Multiple Tier Storage Lockers - 1 - Equipement Industriel RC
Multi Tier Storage Lockers - Equipement Industriel RC
Security Fences - Storage Lockers - Equipement industriel RC