Customized Racking Solutions for your Warehouse

Equipement Industriel RC will customize your racking setup to fit your needs, this includes working with your warehouse layout as well as your budget. We offer new and used racking products at various pricing points to match your needs, but we never sacrifice safety for price. Each one of our racking products is thoroughly inspected to meet our high standards, this means your product will always remain safe, as well as your employees.

Every Warehouse is Unique

Our warehouse specialists can take your space and turn it into a highly optimized productive area. Replace, reinforce, your current system today by giving us a call and talking to one of your warehouse efficiency specialists and describing your needs.  A custom Mezzanine could add another level to your warehouse, a new layout could add another aisle, a new racking system could add more storage space, the list goes on.

Quality Racking Products from a name you can trust

When it comes to your business and your products, don’t cut corners. A truly experienced warehouse specialist will be able to address all the intricate problems that commonly occur and help you avoid them before they happen. The right product will help you to adapt to changing needs and save you money in the long run.

Find the right solution for the right price, talk to our experts today.

Your Warehouse Specialists Team

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