Multi-Industry Racking Solutions

Racking systems come in many shapes and forms making them a highly valuable and efficient asset to have in any warehouse environment.   Industries you’ll commonly find racking systems in include production industries, storage facilities, production industries, and of course retail industries. Each of these industries come with unique requirements that we have had the pleasure of perfecting over the years services our many clients. Imagine a retail store without the use of optimized racking setups, or a distribution warehouse without a proper storage system in place, those wouldn’t be very profitable.

Distribution Industry Racking

Companies that require a large warehouse to store products require a system in place that help them maximize potential room at the same time as making those products as accessible as possible. Common setups include selective racking systems, push-back racking systems, double-deep systems, and carton flow systems among others. Companies come to us when they’re either looking to setup a completely new system, or decommission their old system for an upgrade.

Retail Industry Storage Systems

The retail industry require the setup of a storage system to offer their products to their customers, these systems must be sturdy to promote product safety, and the safety of their customers, while at the same time optimizing space. Common racking and shelving setups  include light-duty racking, metal shelving, and wide-span shelving. Equipement Industriel RC works with some of the largest brand name companies in Quebec, find out what we can offer your company,

Production Industries

Production industries require organization and storage space as well and can require quite a diverse setup. Some of these combination setups can include elements such as pallet flow systems, drive-in racking setups, push-back racking, modular drawers and more. Give us a call today to talk to one of our industry specialists to find out the solutions we have for you.


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