Mezzanines from Equipement Industriel RC

A mezzanines has always been a great way to optimize your warehouse space, the applications are many and can increase the productivity and efficiency of your day to day operations. Mezzanines can vary in size and height and can be customized to fit in your unique environment, choose a mezzanine if your looking for multi-level space or room for employees or supervisors to be. Equipement Industriel RC has built / supplied mezzanines to our clients for many years and have the knowledge and experience to design, deliver, and install a system for you.

Common Mezzanine Applications

The mezzanine is often used in shops and similar spaces for storage of tools or materials. The high roof of the shop is ideal for a mezzanine, and offices can be put either below or above it. Mezzanines are frequently used in industrial operations such as warehousing, distribution or manufacturing. These facilities have high ceilings, allowing unused space to be utilized within the vertical cube. Industrial mezzanine structures are typically either structural, roll formed, rack-supported, or shelf-supported, allowing high density storage within the mezzanine structure.

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