Used Racking & Mezzanines

Choosing the right storage system for warehouse isn’t always easy, used racking, used mezzanines, new shelving/racking, new mezzanine systems, it all is really up to which will give you the most bang for your buck. Used materials are very popular in this industry for several reasons, one of them not being because they are not safe and are old are crusty. No, no, no, used racking systems offered by our company are lightly used, and highly sturdy and have many good years left in them, the reason they’re considered used is because they were bought and used for a short period of time. The reason why they are now for sale varies, with business fluctuating it could be a reduction in stock, or a company going out of business. We try and help you stay in business by offering you a economical choice to your needs.

Making the right warehouse storage solution choices

Maybe your not a professional in the field of used racking materials and other warehouse storage solutions, welcome to why we are in business and why our knowledge, expertise, and trustworthy nature have brought us many great clients over the years. We know what we’re talking about, with over 20 years in business you learn a thing or two along the way. What do you get when you choose Equipement Industriel RC? You get piece of mind that you will be only spending what is necessary to get the best system installed based on your needs. Maybe your not sure what your future needs will be? We have built foresight over the years and would be happy to give you a thorough evaluation of your needs.

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