Warehouse Shelving Units

Are you looking for Montreal area warehouse shelving units to stock your warehouse? Maybe you have an old system in place that your looking to replace? We have just the solution for you, we specialize in removing and or furnishing your warehouse with the proper racking and warehouse shelving units needed to stock your warehouse properly. Talk to one of the professionals at Equipment Industrial RC today and find out why we’re your one stop shop for everything warehouse storage solution related.

Used Warehouse Shelving Units

Not only do we offer new units but we also offer used warehouse shelving units to fit your job. No job is to small or large for us, we’ll gladly give you a free estimation on your job, yes we’ll come by your warehouse and give you your options. All you have to do is give us a call and talk to one of our knowledgeable team members today. Maybe your thinking used isn’t good enough? will it fall apart on me? the answer is NO, used as in lightly used with many years of solid use left in them, we guarantee it!

We Buy Used Equipment

Do you have quality warehouse shelving to sell? We pay more for your used equipment. Whether you are buying or selling, turn to Montreal’s experts at Equipment Industriel RC. Find your storage solution today!

We Can Handle Your Delivery and Installation

Equipment Industriel RC goes well beyond the sale. Our skilled technicians are pleased to assist you with the delivery and installation of your system. We can even help you with warehouse moving and storage consultations. Get the most out of your space.

Contact us today and get a free estimate on our warehouse shelving units

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