Warehouse Solutions from Equipement Industriel RC

Are you looking for warehouse solutions that will optimize your space safely and at a cost effective price? Equipement Industriel RC has multiple solutions for your needs. Simply give one our qualified specialists a call today for a free consultation of your situation. What can you expect from a company with over 20 years of service in a particular industry? Nothing but the best service available. There isn’t a situation that can come up that we haven’t dealt with in the past, and since we’ve dealt with the logistics of those projects before we’ve streamlined our ability to offer our services at a lower cost than the competition.

We’re problem solvers for your warehouse

Like new, lightly used warehouse equipment from Equipement Industriel RC has saved our clients millions over the last 20 years. It’s not only about the actual warehouse equipement /shelving /racking etc it’s also about layout / functionality and accessibility. Being able to access your product in a streamlined manner is what saves you time and as we all know, time is money. Our professionals will show up to your work-site and give you the best solution for your needs, that includes taking out your old system and delivering and installing your new one.

Our Warehouse Solutions save you money!

How can racking save you money? Buying a brand new system will cost you top dollar, mostly for the simple fact that they are brand new. Our systems are lightly used, next to brand new, but aren’t, so we can offer you them at a discounted price. We would never install an older system that won’t last you for years to come, our service is guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for/ Give us a call today for your free consultation!



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